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Marnie Freeman

Artist of Liberty®

Marnie Freeman is an award-winning artist and graphic designer. Her art has been viewed by more than a quarter million church, political, and business leaders since 1995. She has also designed various logos, graphics, and materials for successful political campaigns across the nation, numerous ministries, and major corporations. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oklahoma State University and is a member of Gateway Church in Southlake. She resides in Texas with husband Kevin and two daughters. Marnie views her art as ministry.

Her prayer is that her art will share Biblical truths and a Judeo-Christian heritage, inspiring leadership, and demonstrating God's beauty, love, faithfulness and forgiveness. She had not picked up a paintbrush for over eight years prior to the Lord's 2005 calling!

Marnie is passionate about communicating the hope of Jesus Christ through the powerful stories found in her paintings.

Here is an example of one of the stories:
And Justice For All is a painting of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Pictured is the less-viewed although beautiful East Entrance of the Court with the motto "Justice The Guardian of Liberty." Centered above the entrance is a carving of Moses holding two tablets of stone. Philanthropist Foster Friess commissioned Marnie to depict the US Supreme Court on canvas and then donated the work to the Court. Out of all the artwork in the Court’s collection and other works available to him, Justice Antonin Scalia chose her “And Justice for All” painting to hang in his chambers.

And Justice for All

Marnie in front of the Supreme Court

Marnie Freeman
Artist of Liberty®

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Marnie presenting the painting to Glenn Beck.

Marnie Freeman
Artist of Liberty®

And Justice For All

Marnie with Justice Antonin Saclia at the Supreme Court

Marnie Freeman
Artist of Liberty®

The March of the Deplorables

Public Commission

For the first time Marnie Freeman is accepting a commission from the public.

Historic Opportunity

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Donald J. Trump

This painting to be presented to the 45th president to commemorate his historic election.

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