The March of the Deplorables
This historic painting will be show the Donald Trump's alongside the faithful "deporaables" who helped him become our 45th President.
The White House in Springtime
This painting is inspired by a powerful story told by Attorney General John Ashcroft about the day he was to be sworn in to the United States Senate.
Jefferson at the Capitol
Inspired by the story of Thomas Jefferson conducting the regular Christian church service at the Capitol.
One Nation Under God
Marnie's unique painting of school children saying the Pledge of Allegiance including the key phrase, "One Nation Under God."
And Justice for All
The east entrance of the Supreme Court. Half of all proceeds from this category will go to ConSource (www.ConSource.org) for their good work.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
The Holy City of Jerusalem as seen from the Mount of Olives.